Intelligent Web Reader for Windows 10


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Talking Intelligent Web browser Reader reads web pages via a built-in voice synthesis (TTS Speaker 3.0). It also stated the possibility of enlarging the font of text, making it a suitable tool for the elderly and visually impaired. Intelligent mechanisms presentation sharing site into logical sections give an excellent idea of ​​the graphic layout. Navigating the cinematographic page using a Web browser default is through keyboard shortcuts, and the graphical distribution is described by means of numbered "points". Point corresponds to a logical fragment of the page. The browser has a number of advantages that make getting around the web is very simple and quick: * does not require any special software * is a standalone program that can be quickly and easily installed * can learn how to use it in minutes * is based on the well-known * Mozilla has a built-in speech synthesizer * has built-in automatic upgrade is FREE * Following the directions from "saying" the installer, and the tutorial, you can learn to operate within several minutes. Browser you can always start with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + I. If you are using screen reader while you use Intelligent Web Reader disable it. Technical Information: Operating System Windows; Required disk space of 20 MB. Caution! Only a few website we work with Intelligent Web Reader. List: # Ministry of Defence # Ministry of Labour and Social Policy # Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration # Office of the Ombudsman # State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled # Stock Exchange # # Polish Bank Association of Civil Service Office of the City of Gdynia # # # City of Sopot City of Lodz Office Elbląg # # # Katowice City Hall City Hall City of Krakow # # Piotrkow Trybunalski Tarnow Town Hall Town Hall Bialogard # # # City of Bydgoszcz City Council Bytow # Mining oak wood Town Hall Town Hall Legnica # # # City of Plock City of Sieradz # # City of Slupsk Municipality Starogard # # Torun City Hall City Hall City of Tychy # Złotoryi # # Friends of Integration Association University. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan # Training and Education Centre for Visually Impaired and Blind in Lodz # District of Krakow # # Carpathians region of Malopolska Provincial Office Provincial Office # Association of Public Transport Gdynia # SPES - Association for the Disabled # Some districts Polish Association of the Blind # Regional Computing Center # Warsaw Convention Mazovia Businesspeople Local Government